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My Final Thoughts On Phillies Phantasy Camp 2020

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The experience at Phillies Phantasy camp 2020 was incredible, memorable, and one for the record books. Each day is filled with positive energy, and a full itinerary of baseball infused activities. If you have ever pondered the thought of what the camp is like and your budget allows such a splurge, you should take the plunge and experience it for your self. Many of the veterans and legends you speak with have been going and relieving their Phantasy camp experience year after year.

The full experience is run and operated by ESF camps who successfully run children’s programs in NJ, PA, MD, CT, and NY. The program is top-notch and, in my opinion, because of the excellent staff of employees who work day in and day out to make your five-day big-league experience one, you will never forget. When you think about all the details and people it takes to pull off such a fantastic trip, you start to realize this has taken months and months of planning. The execution has to be perfect; it was indeed Perfect!

If the glowing praise about your MLB uniform, the beautifully manicured fields, and dinner with Phillies Legends aren’t enough to spike your interest or consider going to a future Phillies Phantasy camp, maybe this will. A trip between a father and son, one that has instilled memories, bonding time, and joy that few things in life can. The game of baseball is more than a game. It’s the feeling you get from buttoning up that jersey next to the man you call Dad. The sense of saying, “Dad, wanna have a catch”? If you case you forget or didn’t realize, life is short and unpredictable. Enjoy all life has to offer and take in every special moment you can because just like a high fastball if you take your eye off the ball, life will pass you by at 95 MPH.

Opening Day’s At Phillies Phantasy Camp – Part 2

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As Frontier airlines flight 2375 touched down in Tampa Florida it was time to

experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the the big leagues. Day 1 starts with a

welcome reception at the beautiful Clearwater Marriot hotel filled with welcome bags,

personalized luggage tags, and the feeling that you finally made it. (Not to the MLB

but that feeling that your room is ready and it’s before 4pm). Opening day is your

chance to board the Academy bus outside the hotel and take a trip down to Spectrum

field for Rookie workouts. What happens here? Baseball fundamentals 101. A few hours

at the facilities to take warm up’s, stretch, field ground balls, shag a few in the

outfield, and finally get some swings in the cages. You are working out so the

veterans and coaches can scout you and place you on your respective teams. I have to

say the workouts where fun and gives you the opportunity to size up the competition

(in a friendly way of course) ages range from 30 all the way up to the mid 80’s. The

rookie workouts are over and now back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the

welcome dinner upstairs in the ballroom. One of the coolest experiences of Phillies

Phantasy Camp is all the people from all walks of life that you meet and become close

friends with in only a few short days of knowing each other. Another benefit is the

access to Phillies Legends your entire trip. It’s not a meet and greet, it’s

conversations with the legends from eating breakfast and dinner together, them

coaching you during all your games, and even telling you stories from their glory

days as if they knew you their entire lives. (Super Cool). Shout out to my Legends

John Kruk and Dave Hollins. Could we have been any luckier? During the next three

days you play two 6 inning games per day. Each day starts with a breakfast at the

hotel followed by bus transportation to Spectrum Field. Let me just saw the welcome

on day 1 at the field was spectacular (The Locker Room Introduction). As you walk

into the Phillies official locker room you are greeted but the Phantasy Camp legends

clapping and smiling as you look for your name on that beautiful, clean, crisp pin

strip jersey with your name stitched on the upper back. (If you remember that scene

from Titanic where Jack is waiting for Rose at the very end on the spiraling

staircase. Died and went to heaven came to mind). Day after day you play one game and

then break for catered lunch upstairs on the concourse. Once lunch is over it’s back

to the locker room to get changed and play another grueling (for some) 6 inning game.

The games are fun and competitive and the weather we were blessed with this past

January of 2020 was perfect. Everyday Sunny and in the 70’s! Everyday gamer awards

are given out to players who make a spectacular play ( Not to brag but I received

one HEHE). In addition their is a star in each game who gets interviewed by the

Phillies own Greg murphy just like the real deal. Greg Murphy was fantastic as the

emcee the entire camp and again (Not to brag but Pops and I were interviewed by Murph

on the same day). Phillies Phantasy Camp is about Baseball, Friends, and memories. In

part 3 I will speak about the odds and ends that go on, Kangaroo Court and the

success of Phillies Phantasy Camp and the amazing job done by ESF.

How I Arrived At Phillies Phantasy Camp 2020 – Part 1

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Let’s start at the very beginning on how my father and I arrived to experience one

week in sunny clearwater Florida with 5 star hotel accommodation’s, Philadelphia

Phillies legends and perfect manicured baseball fields. When I was 18 years old I

applied to sell Phillies programs and publications at the home of the Philadelphia

Phillies Citizens Bank Park. I worked the whole season without missing many home gam

regardless of the times, long hours, rain and that bright hot sun from the sky in mid

summer that can give you a nice tan. (Job Perk) Let me remind you the year was 2008

and the Phillies would make this one of the greatest years in their long storied

history and for myself selling their publications and merchandise was about get a

whole lot more exciting and profitable. (Job Perk) As the Phillies progressed from the

NLDS to NLCS to eventually the World Series it was their and my time to shine and make

up for all the months or making the daly minimum selling those wonderful publications.

I remember the excitement of going to the ballpark early during the World Series home

games just to walk around and take in the sights and smells before the Philly faithful

had arrived. Game by game went by and the Phillies were poised to finally win the

World Series trophy and if they did, how much money could I actually make? $25 per

program and everybody might by three or four or maybe even five. I was never a wiz at

math but I knew something good was brewing up ahead. After the final pitch from Brad

Lidge that sent Philadelphia into a euphoric frenzy it was time to sell, sell, sell.

Needless to say I never made so many new friends, talked to so many amazing people

and had so much cash on me at one time.(Job Perk) After all the money was counted and

handed it was time to wait for the big check to arrive at my house. 10% of what you

sell was your commission rate. At this time my parents were struggling with a house

foreclosure that as a young kid sometimes you don’t fully understand. I remember my

parents looking for a apartment or house but needing a down payment to even get

started and the whispers of we don’t nearly have enough finally hit me. This was real

and maybe I could help, as they have to me so many times in the past. Once I received

my AWESOME Phillies check I wanted to help because it would be the least I could have

done at such a tough time. The look of gratefulness, sadness, and appreciation was

enough pay back that I would have ever needed. It was the help they deserved. As time

went on life improved and normalcy returned. Fast forward to this past holiday season

in 2019 when My mom decided she wanted to make sure she let me know how appreciative

she felt after all these years. “I am sending you and your father to phillies Camp to

experience something that you now deserve after helping us in our time of need”.

“Don’t think I ever forgot” (Part 2). Pack your bags for Clearwater Florida.

Phil Rossi Interviews Claudia Wells/Jennifer Parker From Back To The Future

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Phil Rossi Interviews Damian McGinty From Glee and Celtic Thunder

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The Top 16 Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ

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1. How did you get into weddings?

2. How long have you been doing weddings?

3. Approximately how many weddings would you say that you have DJ’d?

4. What type of music do you specialize in?

5. If there are songs that we want that you do not have, can you get them? Is there an additional charge?

6. Do you take requests from guests or do you have a playlist that you use?

7. Speaking of playlists, is there a do not play list?

8. What does your set-up look like?

9. What kind of equipment do you bring?

10. How much time do you need to set up?

11. What will you wear?

12. Do you bring an assistant with you?

13. Are there travel charges?

14. What is your overtime policy? Is the additional charge per hour or half hour?

15. Do you have a sample video or sound clip of you Dj’ing a wedding?

16. Do you require a deposit? If so, how much?


1. I got into weddings mentoring with local DJ companies when I was 17 years old.

2. This is my 13th straight year doing wedding receptions as well as a radio personality and emcee.

3. I have done over 100 weddings.

4. I don’t specialize in any particular music but I am well versed in many genres, especially music that is required for different age groups at weddings.

5. I will be able to get any songs you need. There will never be a charge for your music request.

6. I do take request the day of your reception. I will also use the playlist you provide for me.

7. On our website you can fill out a Playlist, Maybe Playlist and Do Not Playlist.

8. You can check out many pictures of our setup by going to

9. I use a Bose Speaker system,Pioneer DJ controller with a hard drive with music, DJ Facade with lights. Macbook Pro Computer. If you want anything in particular we can always add it on.

10. I will need about an hour to set up the DJ Booth and Photo Booth.

11. I will be wearing a suit. Always!

12. Yes! i will have an assistant who will also work and monitor the Photo Booth.

13. Travel will be included in the package price

14. The overtime rate is $150 per hour or $75 for 30 minutes

15. You can check out our website or you can add us on instagram @therossifox

16. The deposit to save your date will be $200 and then the remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to your wedding date.

Always Book The Wedding DJ From The Bridal Show

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The best way to book the wedding DJ of your choice is to attend local bridal shows. At these shows you are going to get a up close and personal experience along with the ability to browse and compare the competition.

The chance to speak directly with the person or people who run the company will give you the insight you need to make a more educated decision when booking your wedding entertainment. Attending bridal shows will also showcase the DJ’s equipment, lights, set up, personality of the emcee, photo booth, etc.

What a perfect time to discuss their prices and packages. What about the opportunity to build a relationship with the DJ you may eventually end up hiring? As we talked about in previous blogs meeting and connecting with with your DJ is should be the most important aspect when booking your wedding entertainment. People book people they like, not the latest DJ mixer or speakers. Make that connection and have a wonderful wedding!!

Pro Tip – You are more likely to get money off a DJ package or possibly even get free add on’s when attending bridal shows for the simple fact the company has met you and would love to earn your business. If they are not offering a promotion you can use your negotiating skills to work a deal that suits you and your fiance. The days of “we don’t discount” are long gone and if they don’t, Rossi Entertainment is always willing to help you anyway that we can.

855-DJ-ROSSI or online at