Nov 05, 2018


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and the last thing you want on your mind is DJ equipment, music and who will being introducing your bridal party. Once you start the planning process you realize how much work there is to be done and the best and most effective way to keep things in order and stress free is to hire professional vendors to work for you.


Let’s say you did decide to DJ your own wedding. What sound system would you rent or buy? Who would transport all the equipment to and from the reception hall? Do you know how your going to hook up your speakers to your computer or mixer? What about those important¬† announcements that need to be made? I guess your Uncle could do it, right?


I’m not trying to scare you, I am however trying to make you realize that dealing with all the problems that comes with DJ’ing your own wedding are NOT worth it. You can read this and say I’m biased and you would be correct. I know that with all the money you are spending on invitations, the venue, your dress, flowers and those pretty centerpieces cutting back on the entertainment will only save you a few hundred dollars and stress you out. Here is my final question, why DJ your own wedding when Rossi Entertainment can provide you with exceptional service? See what I did there? Ha!


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