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Never Book A Wedding DJ Who Says Or Does These 5 Things.

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Will Not Reveal Prices 

A company that does legitimate work will be able to give you solid prices and information based on the date, location, and time of  your wedding ceremony and reception. If you have to keep asking or wondering how much, it’s time to look elsewhere.


Doesn’t Know Today’s Hit Music 

Ask your DJ to name a few of today’s biggest hit songs and artists. Don’t wait until your big day to find out your DJ thought Bruno Mars was a space man. It’s important for every DJ to not only know all genres of music but more importantly what music appeals to you and your (Hunky) new fiance.  Cardi B is a rapper, not a cheaper Bacardi option at the liquor store.


Only Has A Facebook Page 

The wedding DJ you select should always have a website, phone number, and email address that starts with info@. If you find your DJ lacking in these simple and easy business steps it may be a sign that your wedding day is just another party and not the fairy tale you always dreamed of.  Don’t let this happen to you!


Won’t Meet You In Person 

This should be common practice and something done before and after you have chosen your DJ. It’s a great way to explain and talk through all your needs and wants with the DJ of  your choice. You also get to see in person the personality of your DJ and how you think he or she will relate to your wedding guests. This is a must do step in your planning process.


Rude Or Bad Conduct 

If your DJ is playing at your event, they are a professional and should act like one. Be cool to people, smile, and take their requests because that’s what your suppose to do. It’s your wedding day and you want your DJ to help bring together a night we will all remember forever.