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Why You Shouldn’t Care About Wedding DJ Reviews

The Rossi Blog,

Let me start by saying that DJ and entertainment companies that have hundreds or thousand of positive reviews, it’s a great accomplishment and one you should be very proud. Maybe when Rossi Entertainment receives a few hundred more we may change our thought process. The best way to select your DJ is to email and call them directly and make a connection on a personal level before you think about hiring that person professionally.


Today we have more than two handful’s of review sites and that’s not including review sites designed and set up exclusively for weddings and events. I think about it this way, take notice to all the DJ companies and how many have moderate or negative reviews they have online? I can tell you, it’s not many.  You can look and search for days and you may find some examples here and there but the overwhelming majority are receiving 5 star feedback. The reason for this is that we only ask when we have done an exceptional job, we know the clients personally, or maybe we used an incentive to collect that awesome review.


Next time or hopefully the one and only time you are searching for a wedding DJ, you make an effort to hire the DJ of YOUR choice and not necessarily the company who has been collecting reviews for the past ten years. It’s your choice and remember reviews are just one person’s opinion. I don’t know about you but  deciding on a product or service based on online reviews, especially from Yelp is so 2015.